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IRESCO create best opportunities for client to find its ideal human sources. You will feel our superiority from the first inquiry.

Recruitment Agencies are growing in number. In this race, the International Recruitment & Executive Search Company(IRESCO) is leading the top-notch Recruitment Agencies In Pakistan For Saudi Arabia. IRESCO is promoting reliable manpower services to Saudi’s multinational companies. Our HR department is performing with excellency.

Most Pakistanis want to work in Saudi Arabia. But choosing a recruitment agency who is going to settle one’s career is always risky. IRESCO understands these insecurities and provides the best job opportunities to employees for a better start to their careers.

Promoters Of Jobs In Saudi Arabia For Pakistanis

Jobs in Saudi Arabia for Pakistanis are great in number. IRESCO is promoting Saudi jobs and making it easy for workers here in Pakistan to grab the most desirable opportunities. Although IRESCO is trying hard to become a reliable recruitment agency for overseas clients. We hold a friendly relation with Saudi companies they also choose us as the best recruitment agencies in Pakistan.

IRESCO is handling a great HR department and hires the most talented and hardworking laborers/manpower for clients. We keep an eye on the latest jobs in Saudi Arabia for Pakistanis and settle candidates according to the available opportunities. Companies in Saudi Arabia have jobs for almost every department.

International Recruitment & Executive Search Company is standing in a row of best recruitment agencies in Pakistan for Saudi Arabia due to its outstanding communication skills and manpower services.

Moreover, Pakistan contains the 10th largest workforce in the world having a pool filled with unskilled, semi-skilled, and skilled workers. The Pakistani labor force is much cheaper and reliable for international companies so our manpower stood first in the recruitment market.

IRESCO believes in the self-esteem of customers. We work as a team where every member owns the process with a professional spirit. We intend to work with courage and sincerity. Trust our workers and value their contributions. We attempt for continuous growth to accomplish excellence in all fields of our activities. IRESCO provides legitimate opportunities and quality human resources for employers. We perform a noble responsibility towards society and the environment

Overseas Employment Promoter For Saudi Arabia In Pakistan

IRESCO was ready to attempt international recruitment and quickly became one of the most recognized overseas Recruitment agencies in Pakistan for Saudi. The company is handled by the best HR staff and experts in monitoring the recruitment process. Our satisfactory staff is accountable for manage the contracting of different departments.

We are giving a huge and cosmic platform for all the job-hunters, so they can work with the latest recruitment ideas. We are one of the dominant and most demanding Overseas Employment Agency for Saudi Arabia. We establish a good and understandable environment to gather clients’ requirements.

The superior mission of our manpower recruitment agency is to provide work service which helps both the employer and the employee. We always prefer efficient and professional procedures and standards to stand out amongst our competitors as an organization. Our purpose is to focus on the development and strengthening up of our client’s recruitment needs.

IRESCO in Pakistan is a professional recruitment organization that always tries in providing the latest and top manpower recruiting facilities. We take pleasure in our work and the people who are a central part of our company. We form an adequate administration model for our clients without compromise on success.

We handpick the applicants for our overseas recruitment associates. Because of the recent women empowerment initiative taken by the Saudi government, there are also several job opportunities for females which are health& safety, education departments, engineers, etc, and much more all these are the latest jobs in Saudi Arabia for Pakistani females.

There are several jobs in Saudi Arabia. The list of professions we are covering includes:

  • Manufacturing and Construction
  • Trading and Marketing
  • Technology and Health
  • Banking and Finance
  • Education and Agriculture
  • Marine and Transportation

All these departments are offering many jobs to Pakistanis and other foreigners as well.

Being a strongly established organization in Pakistan, we have also launched a very powerful CRM with our respectable users and candidates. We are honored to offer millions of skilled, non-skilled, and semi-skilled manpower to Saudi Arabia. IRESCO in a list of recruitment agencies in Pakistan for Saudi Arabia making ways for overseas companies to get the most productive and fruitful recruitment services.

IRESCO is the most chosen recruitment agency for many of the most successful organizations in Saudi Arabia. Whenever they need a contract or continuing recruitment services, they approach us for extraordinary manpower services. We understand our client’s needs first and then start choosing candidates from the list.

We are in good books of many renowned international companies due to our quick and excellent services. We believe in working with integrity and passion. We have adequate and qualified employees.

They are well-known to the responsibilities they have and they did best to provide a comfortable zone to customers and employees. Our objective is to provide remarkable human resources.

Providing Recruitment Solutions to Reputable Saudi Arabian Organizations

International Recruitment & Executive Search Company (IRESCO) has been established with the aim of providing professionals and manpower to the kingdom of Saudi Arabia. We Have established an outstanding reputation with multinational companies from multiple industries in providing them with Professional, Skilled and Semi-skilled staff.

We help loyal, honest, and dedicated job seekers who are looking forward to working in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia for better earning and securing their future.