Saudi Arabia’s Vision 2030

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IRESCO’s Contribution to Saudi Arabia’s Vision 2030

It requires Exceptional human resources for turning vision into reality. IRESCO is one of the leading competent Recruitment agencies providing reliable Manpower to Middle East countries. We are proud to be partner with several high-level organizations in Saudi Arabia working together to achieve Saudi Arabia plans. Our agency offers qualified Pakistani professionals, Skilled and Semi-skilled candidates with outstanding talent and skills that will pave the way for 2030 Vision.

IRESCO propel the prosperity and development of the Saudi Nation, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and Islamic Republic of Pakistan both works closely within the same framework to ensure the achievement of the Saudi Vision 2030,

Vision 2030 of Saudi Arabia is going to be a memorable one. Crown Prince Muhamad Bin Salman has set new purposes for economy and development affairs made after analyzing the current position of Saudi Arabia economy. This vision includes many new objects and improvement strategies. This 2030 vision is based on three points:

  • A Vibrant Society 
  • A Thriving Economy
  • An Ambitious Nation

As we all know that Saudi Arabia is the focal point of all the Muslim nations. More than 30 million pilgrimages from around the globe come for religious events every year. Saudi Arabia goal is to improve all its services to visitors, which will enhance the country economy by being able to accept more application from visitors that want to visit the kingdom.

Saudi Arabia want to have robust and independent economy by offering equal job opportunities to Saudi men and women to ensure that national talent is being utilized efficiently and not being neglected.

Saudi Arabia is an ambitious nation committing to efficient spending & balanced finance. Saudi Arabia is ready for raising its global ranking in the logistic performance index from 49 to 25 and ensure that the Saudi Kingdom is a regional leader

Saudi Arabia is in the mission of developing more resources with the latest techniques as oil industry is in jeopardy. The oil industry was playing a significant role in the economy, but the current situation has set the country sight on implementing 2030 vision which emphasis on development of educational sector, export, tourism and other industries.

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