Training and Development

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IRESCO create best opportunities for client to find its ideal human sources. You will feel our superiority from the first inquiry.

International Recruitment and Executive Search Company (IRESCO) is not only committed to provide reliable job placement opportunities but are actively involved in Training and development which grantee that we provide exceptional Human Resource capital to companies across the globe.

Our professional monitors conduct various training and development sessions for candidates to help them enhance their knowledge and technical skills according to global standards. We offer development seminars and session which entitle candidates to receive rewards and certifications that enhance their chance of landing golden job opportunity.

Extensive Training And Development Programs

Provide extensive training and development programs tailored to offer the best solution for evolving outsourcing and recruitment needs. We believe in the crucial importance of training program in order to utilize individual’s best competencies and strengths,

Our professionals have designed full-fledged training and development schemes according to each industry major needs. This will boost candidate’s skills and working knowledge which widens the scope of their job opportunities in Saudi Arabia, middle east and all over the world,

Essential Training Offered By IRESCO’s Professionals:

Initiated Training session with one main objective to eliminate recruitment process difficulties that might be faced by candidates. After completing hiring process of suitable personnel for our clients, our staff members brief and provide essential training to candidates highlighting factors and circumstances that they are expected to face during their process and duty with hiring company.

Below are some, but not limited to, Primary Training Areas:

  • Medical Examination policies
  • Necessary Computer Skills Learning
  • Visa Consultancy and recruitment according to each Country rules and regulations
  • Job Violations that May lead to legal action and deportation
  • Some basic Language Courses
  • General laws and legal rights of foreign residents
  • Important guidelines to follow in case of loss of passport or any emergency situation.

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